Life Transitions

Using principles of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and strength-based coaching, we help individuals successfully navigate life’s stressful transitions including career, relationships and parenthood.

Business Coaching

Helping entrepreneurs clarify goals for their businesses and their lives. Using recognized assessments and positive psychology tools, we help develop strategies for business success and fulfilling lives. Our eight-week Small Business Foundations program prepares the entrepreneur and the business for successful growth.

Wellness Coaching

We help clients find the motivation and tools to reach their wellness goals, including physical challenges, addictive behaviors and stress reduction while achieving a sense of well being.

Retirement Coaching

This isn’t your parents’ retirement – today’s retirees want much much more. We help people shift their mindset so that retirement is viewed as a new beginning, filled with possibilities. Let’s consider what you want to DO with your retirement. Our process begins with a scientifically proven assessment that helps us to work with you in creating the retirement of your dreams.

“I came to Dawn at a point in my life where I felt stuck. I was mired in self-pity, stuck in my old story and making excuses for my apathy and bad habits. Dawn has helped me build a strong foundation of self-care and support; she’s facilitated resolution of old traumas that have informed my life and held me back; she’s helped me gain tools to make solid and productive decisions in my life; and she’s kept me accountable to my own truth while gently guiding me back to my work. I have always felt absolutely safe, valued, and heard by Dawn.

I came to Dawn as a woman who was tired, stuck, and not living to her fullest potential. I’m now entering my second year of full-time school with grades high enough to be invited to the Golden Key Honour Society, trained for a half marathon, and have moved into work that fully appreciates and utilizes my skill set.

Dawn isn’t a miracle worker, she’s a Life Midwife. She doesn’t do your work for you – she helps you find your strength and uniqueness, and facilitates you to reclaim your own life. I highly recommend Dawn to anyone looking to step fully into life and claim who they really are!

Stephanie (Hamberger) Morningstar, Aboriginal Alternative Dispute Resolution Project Assistant and Group Facilitator at Six Nations Band Council

“Dawn Zivanovich came highly recommended to me as a potential supervisor in the completion of my hours for certification in EMDR therapy. As I tentatively practiced new skills and explored unknown clinical territory, Dawn balanced her positive teaching style with solid, constructive feedback. She was particularly generous in sharing her numerous resources which allowed me to reflect, practice and consider new ways of being in the therapy world.”

Pam Santon MSW RSW

EMDR Clinician

We brought Gordon in to help us redefine our business, and to help us build a plan for the future. I was skeptical at first but his insights about our approach to the business, along with a refresh to our brand positioning, made me a convert. Changes we enacted as a result of this process have created opportunities for continued successful growth well into the future.

Harry Mitchell, Jr.

Armagh POS Solutions