Want to make 2017 a great year?

Get hyper focused.

Get hyper focused about making your life better! What is one single thing you could do or achieve in the coming 12 months that would make this the best year ever!

Losing weight? Getting fit? Making a career change? Cementing key relationships? You get the idea, and of course it has to be about you – something that would make a huge difference in your life.

Sit back. Close your eyes. Picture your life as if this change/achievement has already happened. Savour it. How does it feel? Is the feeling strong enough to make you take action?

That’s critical, because as we all know it takes effort to change. And most change doesn’t happen for the simple reason THAT WE JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE IT. Other stuff gets in the way.

So set your sights firmly. Be singular in your focus and block out the distractions. Then find an accountability partner, someone you report to on a regular basis who holds your feet to the fire. That could be a friend you trust, or it could be a personal coach, or to really accelerate your goals join one of our Mastermind teams.

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It’s not easy to change – why not give yourself a chance of making 2017 an amazing year.