How We Work

We make you think!  Coaching is a lot of things but mostly it is about you.  Whether you are having trouble figuring out your next step or struggling with a transition or phase of life, it is about you and your agenda.

So, we encourage you to reflect, explore, contemplate:

  • You and your life
  • You and the goals you want to set for your life
  • We help you set realistic, attainable life goals
  • Then, we help you focus session-by-session to explore the barriers and the difficulties as well as the opportunities, ideas and solutions to keep you moving forward on these goals.
  • We offer support, guidance and challenge you in the areas where you need to grow.
  • We help you stay committed, mindful, and aware of where you are on the road to attaining your goals.
  • We hold you accountable around what you do and when to ensure that things happen!

We offer tele-coaching, with each call averaging 30 minutes. During your coaching  you will be provided with tools that you can use once the coaching is completed – these allow you to become a self-coach, continuing all the great work we do together. So, are you ready to begin your transformation today?

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