Life Transitions Coaching

Life transitions:   are they wonderful or stressful?!


A new job, a new relationship, having a baby, buying a house, separating or divorcing, going away to college or university, getting a ‘package’ at work.  Although we choose some of these changes in our lives, they can still be difficult.

All of these changes include transitions and create opportunities for personal growth.  Navigating through these can be exciting or they can be scary and tough because sometimes there are a bunch of unknowns involved. 

Or, you aren’t sure what to do to successfully get through these times of change.  You might be uncertain about your thinking or feelings about the situation.


This is where coaching comes in. 

If you are stressed about change, it might lead to irritability, sleepless nights, bad habits and even physical ailments.  Humans aren’t particularly fond of change unless we have control.  But we can’t control everything and so this usually means we have to get out of our “comfort zone”.  How we deal with changes and transitions is important.


Again, this is where coaching comes in!  Coaching allows you to the opportunity to take time and give yourself the gift of self-reflection, exploration and facilitated decision-making.


  • A Life Transitions Coach listens and actually pays attention to what you are talking about (something that is not always available from friends and family).
  • The coach helps identify any blocks or limiting believes that come along with change and transitions.
  • The coach keeps you focused on your agenda, helps you design action plans and keeps you accountable around the actions you decide to move forward on.
  • In other words, instead of floundering and feeling lost, you feel supported and empowered!


Changes and transition times:


According to psychological studies, these are best time to grow, personally or professionally, because during times of life transition, people are more open to receiving and trying out new ideas and information.

“Professor Bas Verplanken Head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath explains:

“Life transitions, such as moving house or changing jobs present a real opportunity to influence the choices people make. Often, around the time of a major change, life can be up in the air and as such we know that people are generally more open to new ideas and information.”  

He goes on to say that: “… we now know the window for this is limited — probably to a maximum of three months. After that point habits begin to get entrenched and become much harder to break.” (Capitalize on Life Transitions)


So, if you are struggling with the changes and transitions going on in your life, and would like to hear more about life transitions coaching, contact Dawn for a complementary life transitions coaching session.