“Don’t simply retire FROM something; have something to retire TO.”

Harry Emerson Fosdick

Did you know the #1 issue among retirees today is depression?

That’s because after a nine to 18-month ‘retirement honeymoon’ period, reality sets in. Many have plans in place around financial issues, but few consider other key aspects of their lives.

Having a reason to get up in the morning.

Knowing what’s on your schedule.

Having a sense of purpose.

Having a social network.

Having a sense of who you are in the world?


“A retiree told me that he was a retired engineer. I asked him how long ago he retired, and he said it had been 15 years. It seemed to me that that was like a 21-year-old telling me, I’m a retired six-year-old.”  • Dr. Richard Johnson


At Brainstorm Coaching, we help people reinvent their retirement – to follow their dreams in making this stage of life the best of their lives. In fact, we don’t even like the word retirement. We prefer terms like Renewal or Reinvention. Whatever you call it, it’s an opportunity to answer the all important question: What can I do with my retirement?

Most of us have dreams that were pushed to the back burner of life as life happened to us – getting married, having children, buying a home, building a career. Under the new definition of retirement, you are now free to realize your dreams. It’s also important to discover how your dreams can mesh with the dreams of your spouse or significant other. Many couples find their relationships strained as they suddenly wake up with nowhere to go.

We help you discover your dream, and build a plan that ensures a successful transition into what should be the most exciting time of your life. As Certified Retirement Options coaches, we provide exclusive access to two scientifically validated retirement assessment tools – the Retirement Success Profile™ and the Life Options Profile™. The Retirement Success Profile™ identifies personal strengths and areas of focus across 15 retirement success factors. Upon completion of our profiles, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining their assessment results. The report provides very personal data unique to you. Our Life Options Profile™ takes a different perspective on your life and your retirement.

As your coach, we can help you determine which of these profiles will provide the best insights for you. We then work with you to tap into the insights of your assessment to build a plan that provides you with a successful and fulfilling retirement.

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