Health & Wellness Coaching

Building a Better You!

Health & Wellness Coaching is a thoughtful and mindful process where you will have the opportunity to explore.  You may require coaching around emotional, psychological or physical issues, but coaching will help you to set agendas and goals, and move forward in creating a more positive and balanced life.

Whether it’s weight loss, re-programming unhealthy emotional patterns, changing addictive behaviours or simply wanting to be a healthier you, Health and Wellness Coaching can help you to become more mindful, self-aware and happier as you discover what has been stopping you from achieving your lifestyle or life goals.

Health and Wellness Coaching can be about setting agendas, steps and following through or it might be a bit more.  It might be about digging a little deeper inside and looking at the spaces and places we don’t share with just anyone.  It can be about reclaiming your authentic self and learning how to make peace and be positive about all of you!  It brings you to a place of commitment and accountability. 

Coaching usually involves:

  • a process of questioning and seeking the right answers and path for you
  • brainstorming and assisting you in defining actions that will enable you to work on your goals and agenda
  • helping you to focus on and systematically explore specific concerns and opportunities
  • exploring alternative ideas and solutions, evaluating options, and making decisions on what to do next.
  • about promoting active experimentation and self-discovery, where you apply what has been discussed and learned during sessions immediately afterward in your work or life setting
  • celebrating your successes and capabilities for future growth
  • challenging your assumptions and perspectives to provoke new ideas and find new possibilities for action
  • advocating or bringing forward points of view that are aligned with your goals and gets you to consider them
  • helping you “Do It Now” during the coaching session, providing immediate support
  • encouraging you to stretch your abilities and challenging you but also at a comfortable pace of learning.

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