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Life isn’t just about working, sleeping, eating and chores and doing it all again and again.  We don’t believe we were put here to toil, be miserable and then die eventually.  We think everyone has a purpose in life.  You are here for a very specific reason!

For instance, I found out early that my mission in life was to help people get through their emotional and psychological struggles and challenges. In my teens when i was sitting on the telephone listening to my girlfriend talk about her woes, my mother would say:  “She should pay you for that.”  Guess what?  That’s exactly what happened!  My education included volunteering and working at the local psychiatric hospital and a B.A. in Psychology.  Next, I did some life learning by traveling abroad. When I returned to my job, by chance, a co-worker said she was returning to school to get a degree in Social Work, something I hadn’t heard about.  I looked into it, it fit my beliefs and needs and so I went on to complete my Master in Social Work at the University of Toronto.  Over the years, I have continued my education and personal growth through various certificates, workshops and more education.  I received supervision, guidance, mentoring and therapy from others along the way.  And today, my clients continue to pay me for the skills, knowledge and abilities that showed up when i was a teenager.  I am convinced that this path is my mission in life.

Even though I took detours and wandered off into other areas of life, the universe always seems to have brought me back to this journey of learning about therapy, counseling and now coaching people.

What have I learned?  If you follow what you love to do, and what energizes you, naturally, the right doors open up. The universe unfolds and shows us various paths. It’s up to us to choose.  The link below asks some questions to help you to uncover your passion. You may need to build skills and knowledge but with the right people supporting you, and the belief that it is possible, you may just find your mission in life.